Over the years, we at W.I.M.I.  have made many valuable relationships.

Often, like us, the people we have met are owners of small/medium local businesses. These are the people/companies we know can help you.

These are .......


Service -Company contact Phone number                                                       
McDonald Heating cooling Tom McDonald 708-799-4988  
Electrical Matt Tirpak 708-261-1119
TLT Electrical (Chicago) Tim Jones  773-766-1446
Homewood PLumbing Co Jeff Mikes  708-798-4758
Auto Body Repair John Meyer  708-748-7600
Harrys Handy Man Harry Hall 708-755-4255
Home Loans - Refi Dave Carman  708-278-3825
Tozer Law Offices Tom Tozer  708-715-5389
Fire Escape Maint Repair Phil Williams  312-942-7088

Computer Tech

Rob Miller  708-502-3038


Painter - Interior/Exterior

Joe Solner  708-275-3513


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